Why are 16.5 Inch Wheels Dangerous

16.5 inch wheels are dangerous because they are designed for larger vehicles such as commercial trucks and buses, so their design is not suitable for passenger cars. Passenger cars were originally designed to use smaller diameter wheels which provide better maneuverability, stability and control on the road. 16.5 inch wheels also have a greater contact patch with the ground than other sizes of wheel making them more prone to aquaplaning when travelling at speed in wet conditions due to the wider surface area that comes into contact with water on the road surface.

16.5 inch wheels pose a great danger on the road due to their small size. They can easily become stuck in potholes or cracks, leading to a loss of control and potential accidents. Additionally, 16.5 inch wheels are often not as durable as larger wheel sizes, meaning they may break more easily when faced with rough terrain or extreme temperatures.

Lastly, these smaller wheels offer less support for heavier vehicles which can lead to an increased risk of blowouts or other tire-related issues while driving.

What Tire Size Uses a Rim With a 15 Degree Bead Seat

When shopping for a new set of tires, the rim size is just as important as the tire size. If you have a wheel with a 15 degree bead seat, then you will need to choose tires that are specifically designed to fit that type of rim. Common tire sizes for this type of rim include 195/50R15 and 205/50R15. It’s important to check your vehicle’s specs before purchasing any tires or rims so that they will be compatible with your car.

16.5 Dually Wheels

Dually wheels are an option for those who want to upgrade the look of their truck. Dually wheels come in a variety of styles and sizes, with 16.5 being one of the more popular choices. These wheels offer greater stability and traction than other wheel sizes due to their larger diameter, making them well-suited for heavy-duty applications like hauling or off-roading. They also give your vehicle a bolder appearance that stands out from the crowd!

Do They Make 16.5 Tires Anymore?

When it comes to tires, the size 16.5 has been a common choice for many vehicles over the years. However, in recent times there has been some debate about whether or not this tire size is still available and if so, from which manufacturers? The answer to this question is yes; 16.5 tires are still produced by various companies today but typically only as special orders for certain applications such as military and commercial trucks that require large amounts of traction due to their weight capacity or terrain usage.

Generally speaking though, these types of tires are more difficult to find than other sizes since they aren’t always stocked by most retailers or distributors due to limited demand from consumers. Additionally, even when you do manage to locate a source that carries them it’s likely that they will be much more expensive than other tire sizes on the market given their specialized nature and limited availability.

What Tires Will Fit a 16.5 Rim?

When it comes to tire selection for a 16.5-inch rim, there’s no single answer that fits all vehicles – the type of tire you select will depend on your specific vehicle and its intended use as well as other factors like terrain and weather conditions. Generally speaking, tires made for light truck applications are best suited for 16.5 rims since they offer increased load capacity, improved handling, and better traction than car tires. While some car tires may fit on a 16.5 inch rim with minor modifications such as trimming or grinding down the bead seat area of the wheel, this is not recommended due to potential safety concerns associated with improper installation or fitting.

Additionally, certain types of off-road vehicles may require specialty tires in order to ensure adequate performance in extreme terrain conditions such as mud or sand dunes; these speciality tires are built specifically for these types of activities and often have different sizing requirements from standard road going models. Ultimately when selecting tires for a 16.5 inch rim it is important to research what kind of application your vehicle has so that you can choose an appropriate size that will provide safe operation without compromising performance characteristics or creating clearance issues between components like brakes and suspension parts.

Can You Put a 16.5 Tire on a 17 Rim?

The short answer to the question of whether you can put a 16.5 tire on a 17 rim is yes, but there are some important considerations that come along with it. While technically possible, this combination is not ideal and could lead to potential problems down the road.

The first thing to consider when putting a 16.5″ tire on a 17″ rim is the clearance between the tread and wheel arch which could be compromised by mismatched sizes leading to contact between them and potentially damage or puncture of the tire walls as well as decreased performance due to increased friction.

Additionally, any mismatch in diameter size may cause an incorrect fit for other components such as brakes calipers or suspension components leading further problems such as reduced braking power or uneven wear patterns respectively.

It’s worth noting that running different sized tires on either side of your vehicle also affects handling characteristics so if you do decide to go ahead with this combination make sure both sides match up correctly otherwise it could lead to unexpected results while driving at higher speeds or taking corners at speed where differential forces are much greater than normal conditions like cruising in straight lines at lower speeds would produce.

All things considered it’s better safe than sorry when looking into alternative combinations like this one so make sure you check all aspects before making any final decisions about what goes onto your car!

Can I Put a 16.5 Tire on a 16 Rim?

No, you cannot put a 16.5 tire on a 16 rim. The two sizes are not compatible with each other because the diameter of a 16.5 tire is significantly larger than that of a 16-inch tire. This means that there would be an excess of rubber outside the rim when mounting the larger size tire, which can cause instability problems while driving and increase your risk for blowouts or accidents due to uneven weight distribution across the axle.

Additionally, it may also be difficult to find lug nuts that will fit properly onto such an odd combination of parts as well as finding rims designed specifically for a 16.5 tire size if they become damaged or need to be replaced in the future.


In conclusion, 16.5 inch wheels are dangerous for a variety of reasons. They can be difficult to control in certain road conditions and their poor braking capabilities can cause catastrophic collisions that could result in serious injuries or even death. From the tire size itself to the brake system connected to it, these wheels should not be used on any vehicle as they are simply too unsafe for use on modern roads.

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