About Us


Welcome to Rvgoal.com

Some of the veteran RV enthusiasts might recognize Rvgoal being a forum for RVers and Camping enthusiasts. That’s one way of helping camping and outdoor enthusiasts share and discuss all things related to RV, Camping, and all other outdoor excursions.

But, once it went through the recent acquisition, Rvgoal is better and more dynamic than any time before. From that legacy, we’ve come around to push it even further and create a dedicated little corner on the web.

How are we doing that?

We’ve got a team of RV enthusiasts who have been living on the road for over ten years as our subject-matter experts. They don’t just talk about RV living, they’re doing it. From waste tanks to Camp Chefs and all the details in between.

Who is Behind The Curtain?

Behind Rvgoal, we have an in-house group of writers and editors who live the lifestyle. You’ll be hearing more from them as they get their feet under them and figure out exactly what you need to enjoy the open road.

How We’re Keeping Our Content Values Intact?

In Rvgoal, we’ll be creating three kinds of content- 360-degree problem-solving guidelines, round-up/single reviews of our recommended tools/gears, and question-answer articles that explain everything you want to know about camping and RV technicality.

Get In Touch

As our tribe, you have every right to let us know how we’re doing – offer up any criticism, suggestions, advice, and even ideas that we can craft better articles on. At the end of the day, it’s about making your RV experience better and smoother.