What Is A Roll Out Switch On A Furnace

A roll out switch on a furnace is an important safety device designed to shut off the unit in case of excessive heat.

It is mounted near the burner area and has a bi-metallic strip connected to it that senses temperature. When temperatures reach unsafe levels, the bi-metallic strip expands and causes the switch to trip, shutting off power to the furnace so it cannot continue running.

The roll out switch should be checked regularly as part of regular maintenance for any furnace. If there is not enough airflow or if there are other problems with your system, then this can cause too much heat build up which may lead to a dangerous situation where fire could occur unless your roll out switch shuts down your system before this happens.

A roll out switch on a furnace is an important safety device that prevents the overheating of the system.

It monitors and senses the temperature of the heat exchanger in your furnace and, if needed, will shut down your heating system to protect it from damage due to excessive temperatures.

If you ever notice that your furnace has stopped working unexpectedly, it may be because this switch has been tripped – so make sure to check it first before calling for assistance!

Bad Roll Out Switch Symptoms

When a roll out switch is not functioning properly, it can cause various symptoms. Common signs of an issue with the roll out switch include delayed ignition, poor air flow from vents, and inconsistent furnace performance.

If you are experiencing any of these issues in your home or business, it may be time to check the condition of your roll out switch to ensure that everything is running properly and efficiently.

How to Reset Flame Roll Out Switch

If your flame roll out switch has tripped, it’s important to reset it before continuing to use the appliance.

To do this, locate the switch and press the red button in the center of it. You may also need to unscrew any screws that are keeping it closed.

Once you’ve pressed the button or unscrewed any screws, wait for 30 seconds before attempting to turn on the appliance again.

If your flame roll out switch is still not functioning properly after resetting it, call an expert technician as soon as possible for further assistance.

How to Fix Flame Rollout

If you’re having trouble with flame rollout, it’s important to first determine the source of the problem. Common causes of flame rollout include dirty burners, obstructed air intakes and exhausts, or a defective or improperly adjusted gas pressure regulator.

To fix these issues, start by cleaning your burners; then check that all air intakes and exhausts are clear; finally, inspect your gas pressure regulator for defects or improper settings. With these steps completed, your flame rollout should be resolved!

Furnace Flame Rollout

Furnace flame rollout is a safety issue that can occur when the flames inside your furnace are burning too hot.

When this happens, the flames can extend out of the burner slots and onto other parts of the furnace, creating a dangerous situation.

If you experience a furnace flame rollout, it is important to shut off your gas valve immediately and call an HVAC technician for help in order to prevent any potential fire hazards or carbon monoxide poisoning.

How Do I Know If My Rollout Switch is Bad?

If you have an electric device, such as a furnace, that is not working properly and suspect the problem may be with your rollout switch, there are several ways to determine if this part is bad.

First of all, check to make sure your power source has an active connection and that all wires are connected properly.

If everything looks good so far then try turning off the main breaker for your appliance or system before proceeding further.

Then locate the rollout switch and visually inspect it for any signs of damage or corrosion. Check to see if the switch appears stuck in either the “on” or “off” position (you can usually tell by noticing whether both buttons are pushed down).

If they aren’t pushing down evenly when pressed then it’s time to replace them since they’re probably stuck in one spot due to wear and tear.

Finally, test the continuity of each terminal on your rollout switch using a multimeter set at lowest resistance range setting. An open circuit indicates that your rollout switch is likely bad and needs replacing immediately for safety reasons!

How Do I Reset My Furnace Rollout Switch?

Resetting your furnace rollout switch can be a simple but important task. If you notice that your furnace isn’t working properly or is running inefficiently, it may be time to reset the switch.

Resetting the switch can help restore proper function and ensure your furnace runs at optimal efficiency.

The process of resetting a furnace rollout switch is relatively straightforward and requires just a few steps.

First, turn off power to the unit by flipping its designated circuit breaker in your home’s main electrical panel. Once the power has been shut off, locate the access door on your furnace and remove it if necessary.

Inside you should find a small metal box with two switches: one labeled “rollout” or “manual reset” and another labeled “high-limit” or safety limit thermostat control device (SLT).

Take note of both switches’ positions before proceeding: they should both be in their original positions when finished with this step for safety purposes.

Next, flip the manual reset switch (labeled either “rollout” or “manual reset) to its opposite position from where it was originally located; then press down firmly on all four corners of the box until you hear an audible click indicating that the trip lever has been activated inside.

Finally, return both switches back into their original positions then reattach any panels that had previously been removed during this process before turning power back on to complete this task successfully!

Following these instructions will help ensure safe operation of your equipment while also helping maintain optimal energy efficiency within your home – so don’t forget about those little details!

What Is The Purpose Of The Roll Out Switch?

The roll out switch is an important safety device installed in many electrical systems. Its purpose is to immediately cut off the power supply to prevent potential electric shocks and other hazards from occurring.

The switch can be triggered by simply pushing a button, or it may be automatic based on certain conditions.

It can also provide protection against overloads, short circuits and fires by cutting off the power quickly before any damage occurs.

In addition, they are often used as part of emergency stop systems that shut down machinery when accidents happen or when there’s an emergency situation such as a fire alarm being activated.

While these switches are usually located near electricity sources such as breakers or outlets for easy access in cases of emergencies, they should still be tested regularly to ensure proper functioning in case of an unexpected event.

What Is The Problem With Roll Out Switch?

Roll out switches are a common problem in many electrical systems. They can become worn or corroded over time, leading to an unreliable connection and increased risk of fire or shock.

Even if the switch isn’t damaged, it may be difficult to identify where the switch is located due to its small size.

Additionally, replacing these switches can be difficult and costly because they require specialized tools and expertise.

Finally, roll out switches are prone to failure over time because their internal mechanisms wear down quickly with constant use.

In order to prevent problems with roll out switches from occurring, it is important that regular maintenance is carried out such as cleaning connections and checking for loose components on a regular basis.

It’s also important that any repair work should only be done by experienced professionals who know how to safely replace these types of switches without causing further damage or harm.


A roll out switch is an important safety component on a furnace, as it helps prevent dangerous overheating conditions in the home.

This type of switch works by detecting high temperatures and then turning off the furnace before any major damage occurs.

In essence, a roll out switch is designed to safeguard your family from potential fire hazards associated with furnaces that are not properly maintained or serviced.

If you suspect there may be something wrong with your furnace’s roll out switch, make sure to have it inspected by a qualified HVAC technician right away for optimal safety.

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