Rv Hydraulic Leveling Jacks Leaking

RV hydraulic leveling jacks can leak fluid due to wear or damage. The first step in troubleshooting a leaking jack is to identify the source of the leak. It could be from a seal, gasket, hose or fitting that has become worn or damaged over time.

If it is an older jack with corroded parts, they should be replaced with new ones. Once you have identified the cause of the leak, replace any faulty parts and ensure all fittings are tight and secure before adding fresh oil if needed. Re-check for leaks after a few days and make any further repairs as necessary until completely fixed.

When it comes to RVs, one of the most common issues that can arise is a hydraulic leveling jacks leaking. This is an issue for RV owners because not only does it cause fluid leakage and mess around their vehicle, but it also affects the structural integrity of their RV by compromising its levelness. To prevent further damage, it’s important to get these hydraulic jacks checked out as soon as possible by a professional technician in order to restore your RV’s performance and safety.

What Kind of Fluid Goes in Rv Leveling Jacks?

Regular hydraulic fluid is the ideal type of fluid to use in RV leveling jacks. This type of oil is designed specifically for this purpose, and it helps reduce wear and tear on the jacks while maintaining their performance level. It also prevents rusting and other damage that can occur when using non-hydraulic fluids.

Regular hydraulic fluid should be changed every two years or so, depending on how much you use your RV leveling jacks. Additionally, make sure you check the levels frequently to ensure they are at an optimal level for safe operation – too little or too much could cause problems with your jack’s function. Lastly, always follow manufacturer instructions as each brand may have different recommendations regarding what kind of fluid should be used in their products.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace the Leveling Jacks in an Rv?

Replacing the leveling jacks in an RV can be a difficult job, and it can also be expensive. Depending on the type of jack you need to replace, how many you need to replace, and what kind of materials you use for the replacement parts, repair costs for leveling jacks in an RV can vary significantly. Luckily there are cost-effective ways to do this job yourself if you have some basic knowledge about cars or RVs.

If your RV is equipped with hydraulic levelers then replacing them will likely require more effort than manual ones. Replacing these types of jacks usually requires special tools and expertise so it’s best left to professionals who know exactly what they are doing. The labor time required may add up quickly as well which could end up costing several hundred dollars or more depending on where you live.

On the other hand, if your RV has only manual levelers that just need maintenance then those might be relatively easy repairs that won’t break your bank account too much. Overall, replacing leveling jacks in an RV isn’t something that should be taken lightly since it could potentially cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars depending on how many and what type needs to be replaced!

How Do You Maintain an Rv Hydraulic Jack?

Maintaining an RV hydraulic jack is essential for proper functioning and to ensure that your vehicle is safe when you are out on the road. The first step in maintaining your jack is to regularly inspect it for any signs of damage, corrosion, or leaks. If you find any issues with the jack, then you should replace it immediately as a broken or damaged hydraulic jack can be dangerous.

You should also ensure that all moving parts are properly lubricated using a high-quality lubricant designed specifically for jacks so that they don’t seize up or become stuck. Additionally, make sure to check all nuts and bolts periodically to ensure everything is tight and secure. Once every year or two it’s also recommended to have your RV hydraulic jack serviced by a professional technician who can thoroughly inspect the system and perform maintenance if necessary.

Following these steps will help keep your RV hydraulic jack running properly while keeping you safe on the road!

How Do You Lubricate Rv Hydraulic Jacks?

Maintaining your RV’s hydraulic jacks is an important part of making sure that they function properly and safely. To keep the jacks in good condition, it’s important to lubricate them regularly with a specialized lubricant designed specifically for hydraulic jacks. Start by first locating the areas on the jack where you need to apply the lube.

Depending on your particular model, this may include points like bearings, pivot pins and sliding surfaces. Once you’ve identified these spots, use a brush or cloth to remove any dirt or debris from them before applying lubricant. For best results, use a multipurpose grease formulated specifically for RV hydraulic jacks as regular motor oil can cause damage over time due to its thinner consistency.

After each application of lube, open and close the jack several times in order to work it into all moving parts and ensure proper distribution throughout the system. Finally, use a rag to wipe away any excess lube that has been applied as this will help prevent contamination and clogs within the system which could lead to malfunctioning equipment down the line. By taking care when lubricating your RV’s hydraulic jacks you can ensure optimal performance while avoiding costly repairs along the way!

Rv Hydraulic Leveling Jacks Repair near Me

If you are looking for a reliable repair shop to fix your RV hydraulic leveling jacks, then look no further! With highly trained technicians and years of experience, our team is ready to provide you with the best service around. We specialize in all types of repairs, from basic maintenance to more complicated jobs like replacing worn out parts and diagnosing problems.

Our prices are competitive and we offer same-day service for most repairs. No matter where you are located in the country, we can help get your RV back on track quickly!

Lippert Hydraulic Jack Seal Kit

The Lippert Hydraulic Jack Seal Kit is the perfect solution for repairing your RV’s hydraulic jack system. This kit includes a variety of seals and O-rings to help keep your system running smoothly, eliminating annoying leaks and ensuring long term performance from your jacks. The easy to install components are designed with durability in mind and come backed by a 1 year limited warranty.

Whether you’re an experienced handyman or just getting started with RV maintenance, this seal kit will provide you with the parts needed to ensure that your jacks remain in top condition.

Motorhome Leveling Jack Problems

Motorhome leveling jacks can be prone to problems, such as rust and corrosion caused by exposure to the elements. Other common issues include faulty wiring, motor failure, and a lack of lubrication on moving parts. Keeping your RV leveled is essential for comfort and safety while on the road, so it’s important to inspect your jacks regularly for any signs of trouble and address them quickly if necessary.

Lippert Hydraulic Landing Gear Problems

Lippert hydraulic landing gear has become a common issue for RV owners, as it is prone to releasing too much fluid and causing the jacks to fail. This can lead to expensive repairs or even hazardous situations if the trailer starts to tip over due to inadequate support from the jacks. It’s important that when dealing with this issue, RV owners take their vehicle in for service immediately and have a professional inspect the system before any further damage occurs.


In conclusion, RV hydraulic leveling jacks leaking is a common problem that can be caused by several factors. If you’re experiencing this issue, it’s important to find the root cause so you can get your vehicle back in working order. With some patience and research, you should be able to identify what’s causing the leak and fix it yourself or seek help from an experienced technician if necessary.

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