Rockwood Windjammer Problems

Rockwood Windjammer is a recreational vehicle (RV) brand manufactured by Forest River, Inc. Unfortunately, many customers have experienced issues with their RVs ranging from difficulty maneuvering to costly repairs. Some of the most common problems reported include leaking roofs and windows, faulty air conditioning systems, poor gas mileage, broken suspension components, and inadequate insulation.

Other complaints are related to electrical wiring problems that can cause short circuits or insufficient power supply for appliances and lights. In addition, some customers report unsatisfactory customer service when it comes to addressing these issues. To ensure maximum satisfaction with your RV purchase or rental experience it is important to thoroughly inspect the unit before you commit to any agreement and make sure all necessary maintenance is performed regularly as recommended by the manufacturer’s manual.

Rockwood Windjammer travel trailers have been the source of numerous complaints from owners. Many report having problems with their roof, floors, plumbing and electrical systems. In addition to these common issues, some owners have encountered more serious defects such as mold growth inside the trailer due to water leaks or faulty seals around windows and doors allowing in excessive moisture.

Owners also complain about poor craftsmanship, including inadequate insulation that allows heat loss during cold weather months and air conditioner units that fail to keep up on hot summer days. These problems can be frustrating for Rockwood Windjammer owners who may find themselves stuck with a trailer they can’t use until repairs are made.

Who Makes the Rockwood Windjammer?

Rockwood Windjammer is a renowned outdoor gear manufacturer focusing on providing quality and affordable products for the outdoorsmen. Established in 1997 by founder and CEO, John Rockwood, the company has been crafting high-quality tents, tarps, hammocks, sleeping bags and other camping essentials for over two decades now. The core mission of Rockwood Windjammer is to provide excellent value for money when it comes to outdoor gear while also ensuring customer satisfaction through superior product design and construction.

All their products are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions as well as long-term usage with minimal maintenance needs. From their flagship tent collection that includes both freestanding models and screen houses to ultralight backpacking shelters suitable for minimalist adventurers – Rockwood Windjammer offers something for everyone looking forward to exploring nature’s wonders safely and comfortably in any season!

How Much Does a 2014 Rockwood Windjammer Weigh?

The 2014 Rockwood Windjammer is a popular RV that features modern amenities and plenty of space. When it comes to weight, this model varies depending on the options chosen by the homeowner. Generally speaking, the base dry weight for a 2014 Rockwood Windjammer is around 8,719 lbs.

This includes all standard equipment but not any special upgrades or add-ons such as an extra air conditioning unit or solar power system. When these additions are included, the total dry weight can increase to up to about 9,074 lbs depending on which options are selected. Of course when loaded with furniture and personal items for traveling, this number increases significantly – so be sure to factor in those additional items when considering how much your vehicle will weigh at its heaviest point!

How Much Does a 2013 Rockwood Windjammer Weigh?

The 2013 Rockwood Windjammer is a lightweight travel trailer that offers plenty of features and amenities. It’s also incredibly easy to tow, since it weighs in at just 6,700 lbs (3,088 kg). That weight includes the cargo carrying capacity of 2,000 lbs (907 kg), so you don’t have to worry about exceeding your vehicle’s limit when packing up for an adventure.

The Windjammer also has a hitch weight of 850 lbs (385 kg) and an axle rating of 3,500 lbs (1,588 kg). With its aluminum frame construction and laminated sidewalls, this trailer is durable yet light enough to be towed with many smaller vehicles. Whether you’re looking for a weekend away from home or a longer camping trip with family and friends, the 2013 Rockwood Windjammer can provide all the comforts needed while keeping weight low.

How Much Does a 2017 Forest River Rockwood Windjammer Weigh?

The 2017 Forest River Rockwood Windjammer is an incredibly popular travel trailer for those looking to explore the open road. But how much does this great camper weigh? Well, when fully loaded, the Rockwood Windjammer has a dry weight of 6,900 lbs and can handle up to 1,500 lbs of cargo.

This makes it a great option for those who want to bring along all their camping supplies without worrying about exceeding the maximum capacity. Additionally, its hitch weight is only 670 lbs which means that you won’t need a heavy-duty truck or SUV to tow it around – just make sure your vehicle can handle at least 7,570 lbs before you hit the road! All in all, if you’re looking for an RV with plenty of room and amenities but don’t want something too bulky or difficult to tow around then check out the 2017 Forest River Rockwood Windjammer.

2012 Rockwood Windjammer

The 2012 Rockwood Windjammer is a great option for those looking to hit the road in style. This RV features two slide-outs, offering additional living space, and plenty of storage options. The interior boasts comfortable furnishings, along with all the amenities you need to make your journey enjoyable, including air conditioning and an indoor/outdoor stereo system.

With its durable construction and quality craftsmanship, this model has been designed to offer years of reliable performance on the road.

Rockwood V-Nose Travel Trailers

Rockwood V-Nose Travel Trailers offer a great combination of convenience and comfort. With their unique V-nose design, they provide extra living space while still being lightweight and easy to tow. They come with features such as slide-outs, power stabilizer jacks, plenty of storage space, deep cycle batteries for extended stays off the grid and LED lighting to help you stay connected even when on the road.

Plus, these trailers are built with quality materials like aluminum framing for added strength and durability. So if you’re looking for an affordable way to hit the open road without sacrificing comfort or style, Rockwood V-Nose Travel Trailers are definitely worth considering!

2019 Windjammer Travel Trailer

The 2019 Windjammer Travel Trailer is a great option for those looking for an affordable, yet spacious and comfortable recreational vehicle. With its lightweight construction, this trailer offers the perfect combination of convenience and luxury without breaking the bank. It boasts plenty of storage space and modern amenities such as a full kitchenette, air conditioning, and entertainment center to make your camping trips a breeze.

Whether you’re travelling cross-country or just around town, the 2019 Windjammer Travel Trailer is sure to provide you with all the comforts of home while on vacation!


In conclusion, the Rockwood Windjammer travel trailers have a number of issues that could potentially cause problems for owners. These include water damage, roof leaks, and other structural problems. While it is possible to repair these issues with proper maintenance, it is important for potential buyers to be aware of any potential defects before making a purchase.

Additionally, those who already own one should regularly inspect their trailer for signs of wear and tear in order to prevent future damage from occurring and keep their RV in top condition.

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