Jeep Grand Cherokee Auto Start/Stop Not Working

The Auto Start/Stop feature in your Jeep Grand Cherokee may malfunction due to battery issues or a faulty sensor. To troubleshoot, check the battery and have the vehicle inspected by a professional mechanic.

Are you experiencing difficulties with the Auto Start/Stop feature in your Jeep Grand Cherokee? This system is designed to save fuel by shutting off the engine when the vehicle is stationary, then restarting it when you move again.

However, if you’re noticing that this feature is not functioning as it should, there could be a few possible causes.

We will discuss some common reasons why the Auto Start/Stop might not be working in your Jeep Grand Cherokee, as well as potential solutions to resolve the issue and get the feature up and running smoothly again.

Keep reading to find out how you can address this problem and enjoy the full functionality of your vehicle’s Auto Start/Stop feature.

Understanding Auto Start/stop Technology

The Jeep Grand Cherokee Auto Start/Stop feature can sometimes experience issues, leading to frustration for drivers. Understanding the Auto Start/Stop technology and its essentials can help clear up confusion surrounding its functionality.

One common misconception about Auto Start/Stop systems is their impact on the vehicle’s overall performance and fuel efficiency. This system is designed to regulate the engine’s operation, enhancing fuel economy and reducing emissions.

Despite its benefits, drivers may encounter instances where the Auto Start/Stop does not engage as expected. Factors such as the battery’s charge and the engine’s operating conditions can influence the system’s functionality.

By acknowledging these factors, drivers can better comprehend the intricacies of the Auto Start/Stop technology and address any issues that may arise.

Common Reasons For Malfunction

Battery health

Ensuring the battery is in good condition and maintaining proper voltage levels is crucial for the smooth functioning of the Auto Start/Stop feature in a Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Sensor problems

Damaged or malfunctioning sensors can lead to the malfunction of the Auto Start/Stop system. Regular maintenance and prompt replacement of faulty sensors are essential.

Software glitches

Configuration errors and software glitches can also lead to the malfunctioning of the Auto Start/Stop feature. Regular software updates and system checks can help address these issues.

Weather impact

Adverse weather conditions such as extreme temperatures can affect the Auto Start/Stop functionality. It is important to consider the effects of weather on this feature and take necessary precautions.

Initial Checks And Quick Fixes

Ensuring proper seat belt usage is crucial for the correct operation of the Auto Start/Stop system. Make sure all seat belts are fastened securely before starting the vehicle.

Additionally, checking the dashboard warning lights to see if there are any related notifications is important. If any warnings are present, it may indicate the cause of the issue.

It is essential to verify the operational state of the Auto Start/Stop button. Sometimes, a simple malfunction of this button can lead to the system not functioning as expected.

Moreover, inspecting external factors like climate control can provide insight into whether extreme temperatures or other climate-related conditions are affecting the system’s operation.

Diagnostic Approach

Using onboard diagnostics (OBD) for error codes

When troubleshooting the auto start/stop feature on a Jeep Grand Cherokee, utilizing the onboard diagnostics (OBD) system can provide valuable insights. By accessing the OBD, error codes related to the auto start/stop functionality can be identified, aiding in the diagnostic process.

Professional vs. DIY diagnostics

While consulting a professional technician for diagnostic support ensures expertise, a DIY approach offers cost-saving benefits.

However, it’s important to acknowledge the potential risks associated with incorrect diagnoses and repairs when navigating the DIY route, emphasizing the need for careful consideration before proceeding.

Electrical System Inspection

When diagnosing issues with the auto start/stop feature on a Jeep Grand Cherokee, it is crucial to conduct a comprehensive electrical system inspection.

Testing battery voltage can provide valuable insight into the overall health of the electrical system, while evaluating the function of the alternator is essential for identifying potential charging issues.

Additionally, assessing the health of the starter motor can uncover any underlying issues that may be impacting the auto start/stop functionality. By thoroughly examining these key components, it is possible to pinpoint the root cause of the auto start/stop malfunction and effectively address the issue.

Deeper Sensor And Software Analysis

When the auto start/stop feature in your Jeep Grand Cherokee is not working, a deeper sensor and software analysis can provide insights into the issue. By examining the role of brake pedal sensors, you can identify potential malfunctions that may be disrupting the system’s operation.

Additionally, the importance of software updates and resets cannot be overstated. Conducting troubleshooting with the TIPM (Totally Integrated Power Module) can uncover underlying issues that may be causing the auto start/stop feature to malfunction.

Expert Intervention And Repair

When to seek a certified mechanic’s help

If you encounter issues with your Jeep Grand Cherokee’s Auto Start/Stop functionality, it’s crucial to consult a certified mechanic to diagnose and resolve the problem effectively.

What to expect during a professional assessment

A skilled mechanic will conduct a comprehensive assessment of the Auto Start/Stop system, pinpointing any underlying issues with precision.

Warranty considerations and dealer support options

Additionally, it’s essential to explore warranty coverage and dealer support options to ensure that potential repair costs are minimized and expert assistance is readily available.

FAQ Of Jeep Grand Cherokee Auto Start/stop Not Working

Why Is My Auto Start Stop Not Working Properly?

Auto start-stop may malfunction due to low battery, faulty sensors, or system issues. Regular maintenance and battery check can help identify and fix the problem. Consult a professional for diagnosis and repair.

How Do I Fix My Jeep Auto Start Stop?

To fix your Jeep auto start-stop, first check the battery and charging system for any issues. Ensure the engine is reaching operating temperature and check for any fault codes in the system. If problems persist, take your vehicle to a qualified mechanic for further diagnosis.

What Is Stop-start Reset?

Stop-start reset is a feature that automatically shuts off the engine when a vehicle comes to a stop and restarts it when the brake is released. This helps in saving fuel and reducing emissions, especially in city driving conditions.

What Does An A With A Circle Around It And An Exclamation Mark Mean On A Jeep?

The A with a circle and an exclamation mark on a Jeep means there’s an issue with the tire pressure. It’s a warning for low tire pressure.


If your Jeep Grand Cherokee auto start/stop feature isn’t working, don’t fret. There are several possible reasons for this issue, which can be easily resolved. Whether it’s a glitch in the system or a battery-related problem, getting your vehicle checked by a qualified mechanic is crucial.

Remember that proper maintenance is key to keeping all your Jeep features functioning as they should. If you’ve encountered this problem, don’t hesitate to seek professional help and ensure a smooth driving experience.

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