Jeep Cherokee Stop Start Not Working

The jeep cherokee stop-start system may stop working due to several reasons, including a weak battery, malfunctioning components, or failure of the stop-start button. Jeep cherokee is a popular suv in the united states and other parts of the world, appreciated for its ruggedness and speed.

It owes its capabilities to the stop-start system which helps to save fuel and reduce carbon emissions by automatically shutting down the engine when the vehicle is idle. However, some jeep cherokee drivers have reported problems when the stop-start system fails to work as expected, leading to a frustrating experience. The stop-start system may stop working due to several reasons, including a weak battery, malfunctioning components, or failure of the stop-start button.

In this article, we explore the common causes of jeep cherokee stop-start not working and highlight possible solutions to restore the system back to optimal functionality.

Common Reasons Why The Jeep Cherokee Stop Start System May Stop Working

Jeep cherokee’s stop-start system shuts down the engine when the vehicle stops, helping to save fuel. Although it’s a helpful feature, drivers frequently encounter issues with the system, such as not working correctly. In this post, we will examine the most frequent causes why the jeep cherokee stop-start system might stop working, including battery issues, sensor failures, malfunctioning starter motors, alternator failures, software system malfunctions, and other reasons that might cause stop-start system failure.

Battery Issues And Possible Solutions

The stop-start system relies on the battery to store electricity generated while the car is running. If the battery is weak and cannot maintain the required charge, it might cause the stop-start system to fail.

  • Replace the battery with a new one
  • Check the battery’s charging system
  • The vehicle should be run for an extended period to enable the battery to charge up.

Sensors Failure And Recommended Remedies

The stop-start system in the jeep cherokee uses several sensors to detect when the car stops. If one of these sensors fails, the system may cease working.

  • Visiting a licensed mechanic for examination and repair
  • Checking the sensors for any possible defects or damages.

Malfunctioning Starter Motor And Possible Repair Options

The starter engine is an essential component of the stop-start system. When the engine cranks, it kicks off the stop-start system, and if it is defective, the system will fail.

  • Visit a professional mechanic to conduct a check-up
  • Should it be faulty, replace the starter motor entirely.

Alternator Failure And Its Effects On The System

The alternator, which provides energy to the battery for charging, may malfunction. As a result, the stop-start system may fail.

  • Visit a professional mechanic to examine and repair alternator damage
  • Replace the alternator entirely

Issues With The Software Systems

The stop-start system is controlled by software that determines when to stop and start the engine. If there is a bug or issue with the software, the system may stop working.

  • Visiting the dealership for software upgrades
  • Consulting experts who specialize in diagnosing and resolving software-related issues.

Other Causes Of Stop-Start System Failure

There are several additional causes of stop-start system failure, such as:

  • Low fuel level
  • Inadequate oil pressure
  • The engine has not warmed up enough
  • Bumpy driving terrain
  • Malfunctioning components

Stop-start technology has been a common addition to current automobile technologies. It not only aids in saving pollution but also aids in conserving fuel. However, the stop-start system might fail in several ways, and there are several possible reasons for it.

By being aware of these causes, car owners may seek maintenance as necessary to keep their stop-start systems in good working order.

Signs That Your Jeep Cherokee Stop Start System Is Not Working

It’s frustrating when your jeep cherokee stop-start system isn’t working as it should. The system is designed to save fuel by turning off the engine when the car comes to a stop and then restarting it when you’re ready to move again.

Not only does this save you money at the pump, but it’s also better for the environment. However, if your stop-start system isn’t working, it may be an indication of a problem with your vehicle. Below are some signs you can watch out for to know if your jeep cherokee stop-start system is faulty.

Illumination Of Dashboard Warning Lights

Dashboard warning lights provide critical information about your car’s systems, including the stop-start system. If you notice the stop-start warning light on your dashboard is constantly illuminated, it may indicate a malfunction in the system. Other warning lights that may come on include the check engine light and the battery light.

Always seek assistance from a certified mechanic if any warning lights come on in your vehicle.

Unusual Engine Noises Or Vibrations

Unusual engine noises are a red flag for any vehicle. If you notice that your engine is making strange rattling or grinding noises or vibrating excessively, it could be a sign of a more significant issue affecting your stop-start system.

Some possible causes of vibration may be weak battery or faulty solenoid. Don’t hesitate to have your vehicle checked by a professional mechanic to avoid potential costly repairs.

Difficulty Starting The Engine After Stopping

If the stop-start system functions correctly, it should restart your engine instantly when you release the brake pedal. If the engine takes longer than usual to come back on or doesn’t start at all, your stop-start system may be faulty.

Also, if you have to manually turn on the engine every time you stop, then your stop-start system isn’t working correctly.

Reduced Fuel Efficiency

One of the most significant reasons for having a stop-start system is fuel economy. If it fails to operate correctly, you may notice a decrease in fuel efficiency. Typically if the system is deactivated, you’ll end up using more gas since your engine is always running.

It’s important to pay attention to changes in your vehicle’s fuel economy and address any concerns immediately.

Other Signs Of Malfunctioning Stop-Start System

Other signs that your stop-start system isn’t working include slow or delayed acceleration, the engine cranks but doesn’t start, or the system fails to turn off the engine altogether.

The stop-start system in your jeep cherokee is designed to save on fuel consumption and improve fuel economy. If you experience any of the above signs, it’s an indication that your stop-start system isn’t working correctly. It’s best to have your vehicle inspected by a professional mechanic to prevent further damage and costly repairs.

Keep in mind that a faulty stop-start system can lead to your vehicle decreasing fuel efficiency and cause other mechanical problems if left unchecked.

Jeep Cherokee Stop Start Not Working : Steps To Take

The jeep cherokee stop start system is an innovative feature that automatically stops the engine when the car comes to a halt at a red light, for instance, reducing fuel consumption, saving money and preventing pollution. However, if the system fails, it can be a cause for concern.

In this post, we will discuss what to do first when you notice the system is not working, diagnostic tests for a mechanic, temporary fixes and diy solutions drivers can try, and factors to consider ultimately when deciding to remove the system altogether.

What To Do First When You Notice The System Is Not Working

If you notice that the stop start system is not working, there are a few things you can do before taking the vehicle to a mechanic:

  • Make sure the battery is fully charged as the system might not work correctly if there is not enough power.
  • Check for any warning lights on the dashboard as they might indicate the cause of the system’s failure.
  • Read the owner’s manual as it might have specific instructions to restart the stop start system.

Diagnostic Tests That Need To Be Done By A Mechanic

If the previous solutions do not work, it is time to take the car to a certified mechanic who can carry out diagnostic tests that include:

  • Checking the electrical components of the battery and the starter motor for any defects.
  • Ensuring that the alternator is charging the battery correctly.
  • Looking for any warning lights or dtc codes to help identify the problem.

Temporary Fixes And Diy Solutions Drivers Can Try

Suppose the jeep cherokee stop start system is not working due to a minor issue.

  • Cleaning the battery connections as this might help start the system.
  • Disconnecting and reconnecting the battery can help reset the system and fix any software errors.
  • Starting the car’s engine and letting it run for a few minutes, ensuring that the battery is fully charged before engaging the stop start feature.

Factors To Consider Before Deciding To Remove The System Altogether

Finally, if the jeep cherokee stop start system is still not working or is causing repeated problems, drivers might consider removing it altogether.

  • The vehicle’s warranty might be voided if any parts related to the stop start system are removed.
  • Removing the stop start system might not improve fuel economy as much as expected since the feature helps reduce unnecessary engine use.
  • Removing the stop start system can also decrease the car’s resale value, as it might be seen as an essential feature by potential buyers.

The jeep cherokee stop start system is a helpful feature that can save drivers money on fuel and reduce pollution. If the system fails, drivers can try a few temporary fixes and diy solutions before heading to a mechanic who can perform diagnostic tests to find the issue.

Before deciding to remove the system altogether, drivers should consider various factors, such as the vehicle’s warranty, fuel economy, and resale value.


To sum it up, having a jeep cherokee that has stop start issues can be frustrating. Usually caused by a battery, sensor, or software failure, it can be quickly addressed by taking it to your trusted mechanic. However, prevention should always be a priority, and regularly checking your car’s batteries and other vital parts can save you time, money, and hassle.

Remember that while technology advancements can significantly improve your driving experience, taking care of your car’s basic components should never be overlooked. By following our guide and going for regular maintenance checks, you can avoid future problems with your vehicle, and enjoy the ride on the road.

So, solve current issues, and take your jeep cherokee on exciting adventures without worrying about start-stop functionality.

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