Jayco North Point Problems

Jayco North Point fifth wheel trailers are a popular choice for many RVers. Unfortunately, there have been some reports of problems with these units. Common issues include water leaks in the roof, water damage to the walls and flooring, poor electrical wiring, and faulty plumbing connections.

Additionally, some owners have reported that air conditioners may not cool properly or break down completely. These issues can be costly to repair and potentially dangerous if left unchecked. Jayco provides warranty coverage on many of their products but it pays to thoroughly inspect any used unit before purchase or use a qualified technician for an inspection prior to delivery.

Jayco North Point owners have reported multiple issues with their units, including poor insulation in the walls and floors, water damage from leaks in the roof seams and windows, misaligned doors and drawers, plumbing problems due to inadequate drainage systems, faulty electrical connections that can cause fires, and an overall lack of quality materials. Jayco has acknowledged these issues but is yet to provide a solution or compensation for those affected by them. Owners are therefore encouraged to voice their complaints directly with Jayco if they feel they have been wronged.

Difference between Jayco Pinnacle And North Point?

The Jayco Pinnacle and North Point are two of the most popular fifth wheel RV models on the market today. While both models offer plenty of space, amenities, and style, there are some key differences between them that buyers should consider when choosing the right model for their needs. The Jayco Pinnacle offers more luxurious features than its counterpart, including an optional king-size bed and a hutch entertainment center in select floor plans.

It also has several special features like a panoramic window wall with three electric shades and an integrated Fisher & Paykel dishwasher drawer. On the other hand, North Point includes many standard features but doesn’t have quite as many luxury touches as the Pinnacle—although its interior is still very well appointed with solid hardwood cabinetry throughout.

Other differences include multiple slideouts available in some floorplans to maximize living space; extra storage compartments located beneath each seat cushion; heated basement storage areas; higher ceilings for increased headroom; larger kitchens for entertaining guests or preparing meals; exterior entertainment centers with flat screen TVs; fireplaces option on select units; and 16″ aluminum wheels standard across all models (except 35′ which come with 17″wheels).

Ultimately it’s up to you to decide which model fits your lifestyle best – whether it’s finding an RV that offers maximum luxury or simply looking for one that gets you from point A to point B without breaking your budget!

How Much Does a Jayco Northpoint 377Rlbh Cost?

A Jayco Northpoint 377RLBH is a luxurious and spacious fifth wheel trailer that provides you with all the comforts of home. This RV features three slideouts, an open living space, and ample storage for your camping supplies. The price of this model varies depending on where you purchase it from, but generally speaking, the average cost of a new 2020 Jayco Northpoint 377RLBH is around $61,000 – $68,000 USD.

This includes taxes and fees as well as any additional upgrades or accessories you may choose to include in your purchase. It’s important to keep in mind that while this RV offers a great value for its size and amenities, there are also other models available at different prices if you’re looking for something more affordable.

No matter what type of camper you’re looking for or how much money you have to spend on one – there’s sure to be something out there that meets all your needs!

How Tall is a Jayco North Point Fifth Wheel?

The Jayco North Point fifth wheel is one of the largest and tallest recreational vehicles on the market today. It stands an impressive 13 feet, 6 inches tall when fully loaded, making it a great option for those looking to maximize their living space while still having plenty of room to move around. The interior ceiling height is also quite generous at 7 feet, 11 inches, giving you plenty of headroom even if you’re taller than average.

Additionally, this model offers up to four slide-outs that can expand your living area significantly and make entertaining guests much more comfortable. With all these features combined in such a tall package, the Jayco North Point fifth wheel certainly lives up to its name as a luxurious home away from home!


In conclusion, the problems associated with Jayco North Point campers have been well documented. The issues range from quality control to customer service and a lack of response from the manufacturer.

While some of these issues can be resolved by the consumer, such as ensuring proper maintenance or inspecting for factory defects, it is ultimately up to Jayco to ensure that their products meet quality standards and provide adequate support when necessary.

Ultimately, the responsibility lies on both parties – consumers should be aware of potential problems while manufacturers must strive to create reliable products that are backed by excellent customer care.

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