How to Put Jeep in Neutral With Dead Battery

If your Jeep has a dead battery, you can still put it into neutral. First, make sure there’s no pressure on the brakes or clutch. Then open the hood and locate the shift linkage.

It is usually attached to the transmission lever with either a clip or a bolt. Disconnect this linkage from the lever and move it away so that it does not interfere with shifting. With that done, you can now use an Allen wrench to manually disengage the shifter inside of your vehicle by inserting it into one of two small holes located near where the shift knob attaches to its stem (one hole for Park/Neutral and another hole for Drive/Reverse).

Once shifted into Neutral, replace all parts back in their original positions before attempting to start your Jeep again!

  • Gather the necessary tools: A set of jumper cables, a working car for jump-starting your Jeep, safety gloves and glasses
  • Position the other car that will be used to jumpstart your Jeep close enough for the jumper cables to reach both cars’ batteries but not so close that you run risk of creating an electrical short circuit if they touch each other
  • Put on safety gloves and goggles before handling either battery connection point or any exposed metal parts in order to protect yourself from electric shock or injury should there be an unexpected spark while connecting them together with the jumper cables
  • Locate and identify both cars’ battery connections (positive/negative terminals)
  • Positive is usually marked as or colored red, negative is usually marked as or colored black)
  • The positive terminal always goes first when connecting any charger/jumper cable device!
  • Connect one end of each cable to its respective terminal on the working car’s battery then attach the remaining ends of each cable to their corresponding terminals on your jeep’s dead battery; use care not ensure proper polarity
  • Start up engine in working vehicle & let it idle for 1 minute before attempting start-up in dead vehicle; this helps build charge within dead battery before trying start it up again directly off another running engine without excessive strain being put onto either vehicle’s charging system components due to sudden load draw upon initial startup attempt from a nearly depleted state prior beginning process

How to Put Jeep in Neutral Without Key

Putting your Jeep in neutral without a key is possible with the use of a shift override device. This device can be inserted into the shifter and will allow you to manually move it into any gear, including neutral. You may also be able to override the ignition switch with some models of Jeeps, which would enable you to start the engine without a key while still keeping it in neutral.

Be sure to consult your owner’s manual before attempting either method as each vehicle has different requirements for these types of maneuvers.

How to Put Jeep Grand Cherokee into Neutral

Putting your Jeep Grand Cherokee into neutral is an easy process that can be done in just a few steps. Before you start, make sure the vehicle is completely stopped and the parking brake is engaged. Then, press down on the gear shifter to select Park mode.

Once you have done this, you should hear a click sound indicating that it has been placed into Park mode. Now, press down on the gear shifter once more and hold it while turning the key counterclockwise until it reaches “N” for Neutral. Your car should now be in Neutral and ready to go!

How to Put a Jeep Grand Cherokee in Neutral Without Key

If you need to put your Jeep Grand Cherokee in neutral without a key, you can do so by using the shifter override. This is located on the side of the transmission and will allow you to shift into any gear position even with no key present. It’s important to remember that this method should only be used if absolutely necessary as it bypasses the vehicle’s security system and may cause further damage or malfunctions within its components.

How to Get Jeep Wrangler Out of Neutral

If you find yourself stuck in neutral with your Jeep Wrangler, there are a few steps that you can take to get it out of neutral. First, make sure the parking brake is engaged and the key is in the ‘on’ position. Then, shift into first gear and gently press down on the accelerator while pressing down on the clutch pedal simultaneously.

If this doesn’t work, try shifting back into neutral then repeating these steps again. If all else fails, consult a certified mechanic for assistance as further diagnosis may be needed to determine why it won’t come out of neutral.

How Do You Put a Jeep in Neutral With a Dead Battery?

Putting a Jeep in neutral with a dead battery can be tricky, but it’s not impossible. First, you’ll need to get the vehicle off the ground by either raising it on jack stands or ramps. Once that’s done, locate the transmission shift linkage and disconnect it from the transmission shaft.

This will allow you to move the shifter without engaging any gears within the transmission. Next, find your starter motor and remove its bolts so that you can access its solenoid switch; this is what allows power to flow through when starting your engine. Disconnecting this should effectively disable all electrical components connected to your battery, rendering it useless for powering anything else in your car – like shifting into gear or turning on lights.

Finally, manually push down on each of your transfer case levers until they are fully engaged before putting them back in their respective positions; this will put your Jeep into neutral regardless of whether or not there’s power present from a battery connection.

How Do I Manually Put My Jeep in Neutral?

Putting your Jeep into neutral manually is a relatively easy process that can be done in just a few steps. To begin, make sure that the engine of your Jeep is off and that you have engaged the parking brake. Once this has been accomplished, locate the shifter for your transmission which will typically be on or near the steering column.

Move it to neutral position and verify by checking if you are able to move the vehicle when not in gear. If you are still unable to put it into neutral then check for any obstructions around or under the shift knob as these could prevent it from moving freely. Finally, if all else fails try jiggling and pushing firmly on the shift lever until it moves into neutral; this should do the job!

Can You Put a Jeep in Neutral Without Key?

Yes, you can put a Jeep in neutral without using the key. This is done by engaging the clutch and shifting it into neutral with the gear shift. Some Jeeps have an Emergency Neutral feature that allows you to do this without having to engage the clutch.

To use this feature, simply press down on both the brake and gas pedals simultaneously while pushing forward on the gear shifter until it reaches neutral position. Once there, release both pedals and your Jeep will be in neutral without needing a key! It’s important to remember though that when using this method of putting your Jeep into neutral, no power is being sent from your engine to any of your wheels so always make sure you are at a complete stop before attempting this maneuver or else you could get yourself into some serious trouble!

How Do You Put a Jeep in Neutral for Towing?

If you’re looking to tow your Jeep, it’s important that you know how to safely put it into neutral. This will ensure that the vehicle isn’t damaged during the process of being towed and it’s a key step in making sure everything is done correctly. To do this, start by ensuring that the parking brake is off and then place your foot on the brake pedal while turning off your car.

Next, locate the transmission gear shifter which should be located either on the steering column or at its base near where you place your feet when driving. Shift the gear selector into Neutral (N) position and release both pedals before continuing with towing preparation. Once complete, make sure to engage all wheel locks or chocks so as not to move while being towed!


In conclusion, putting a Jeep in neutral with a dead battery is an easy process that can be done just by following the steps outlined in this blog post. With these simple instructions, anyone can quickly and safely put their Jeep into neutral when they have a dead battery. This will help you to move your vehicle off the road or out of danger if needed without having to replace or jump start the battery first.

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