How to Make Papdi No Lot in Instant Pot

To make papdi no lot in an instant pot, first measure out 1 cup of chickpea flour and 1/2 cup of wheat flour into a mixing bowl. Next, add 2 tablespoons of ghee to the mixture, as well as 3 tablespoons of cumin seeds, 1 teaspoon of salt and 2 teaspoons of carom seeds (ajwain). Mix everything together until you have a thick dough.

Now shape the dough into small round balls that are slightly flatten on one side using your hands or rolling pin. Place them onto a greased plate and steam cook for 15 minutes in your Instant Pot with the pressure valve set to sealing position. After the cooking time is over, release pressure from the cooker by pressing manual button twice or turning knob to venting position before opening lid carefully.

Once cooled down completely store these Papdi No Lot in an airtight container for later use!

  • Step 1: Gather your ingredients. You will need 3 cups of all-purpose flour, 2 tablespoons of oil, a pinch of salt and ½ cup warm water
  • Step 2: In a mixing bowl, mix together the flour, oil and salt until it forms into crumbs
  • Step 3: Slowly start adding in the warm water while kneading the dough with your hands until it forms into a smooth ball
  • Step 4: Cover the dough with plastic wrap or damp cloth and set aside for 30 minutes to allow it to rest
  • Step 5: Once ready to make papdi no lot, divide the dough into small balls (about 20). Take one at a time on floured surface and roll out each ball using rolling pin as thin as possible without breaking them apart . The papdis should be about 4 inches in diameter
  • Step 6: Put parchment paper inside Instant Pot followed by stacked papdis onto parchment paper up to two layers high (do not overlap). Close lid tightly and set valve to sealing position before setting timer for pressure cooking for 10 minutes on manual/high pressure mode.
  • Step 7 : When done cooking , release pressure manually from steam valve then very carefully open lid away from you while releasing steam till its safe enough to open fully .Remove cooked papdi no lot gently using spatula onto cooling rack or plate lined with kitchen towel . Enjoy!

Papdi No Lot Recipe

Papdi No Lot is a traditional Gujarati snack that is savory, crunchy and slightly spicy. It’s made with flour dough that is rolled out into thin discs, deep-fried until crisp, then topped with freshly chopped onions, tomatoes and cilantro. The dish can be served as an appetizer or side dish for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals.

Papdi No Lot is easy to make at home with simple ingredients like all-purpose flour, oil for frying and spices like red chili powder and chaat masala.

Papdi No Lot Bhavna

Papdi No Lot Bhavna is a traditional Gujarati snack that is made with gram flour, spices and herbs. It is usually served as an accompaniment to meals and can also be enjoyed as a light snack. The dough used for the papdis are kneaded with ghee, chilli powder, coriander-cumin seed powder and other spices which gives it its unique taste.

Papdi no lot bhavna is crunchy on the outside while soft in the inside and makes for an excellent tea time snack!

Patel Papdi No Lot

Patel Papdi No Lot is a popular Gujarati snack made of papdi, potatoes and spices. The dish is served with various chutneys as accompaniments like tamarind, mint or coriander. It has become an indispensable part of the Gujarati cuisine and can be enjoyed as a tea-time snack or appetizer.

This savory treat is simple to make at home but can also be purchased from street vendors or in stores that specialize in Indian snacks.

Papdi No Lot in Microwave

Papdi No Lot is a classic Gujarati dish that can be easily cooked in the microwave. This scrumptious snack consists of fried dough wafers (called papdi) topped with potatoes, onion and spices, creating an irresistible combination of tastes and textures. To make this tasty treat in the microwave, you will need to shallow fry the papdis first before assembling all the ingredients together and microwaving for 2-3 minutes. Enjoy!

Surti Khichu Recipe

Surti khichu is a traditional Gujarati snack made with rice flour, salt and spices. It has a unique flavor that comes from the combination of red chili powder, cumin seeds, sesame seeds and sugar. The ingredients are mixed together to form a dough which is then rolled out into thin discs and deep fried until crisp. Serve it hot or warm with chutney for an unforgettable treat!

How Do You Fix Sticky Rice in an Instant Pot?

Fixing sticky rice in an instant pot is easy and can be done in just a few steps! First, measure out the desired amount of dry, uncooked rice using a measuring cup. Then add the same amount of cold water to the bowl of your Instant Pot.

Close and seal the lid securely, making sure that all valves are set to “sealing” mode. Select the “Rice” setting on your pot and start cooking at high pressure for 12 minutes. Once finished, allow 10 minutes of natural release before opening up your pot and stirring in one tablespoon of oil or butter (optional).

This will help keep your grains separate and prevent them from clumping together. Finally serve with soy sauce or other seasonings as desired!

How Do You Cook Rice in an Instant Pot Without Burning It?

Cooking rice in an Instant Pot is one of the simplest and most convenient ways to make a delicious, fluffy dish. The key to success with this method is knowing how to cook it without burning the grains. To begin, measure out 2 cups of long-grain white or brown rice into your Instant Pot liner.

Add two cups of cold water (or broth) and stir together with a wooden spoon until combined. Secure the lid on your pot, making sure that the valve is set to “Sealing” mode instead of “Venting” mode. Next, press the manual/pressure cook button and adjust the timer for 4 minutes if using white rice or 22 minutes if using brown rice.

Once finished cooking, allow natural pressure release for 10 minutes before switching from sealing to venting mode by turning off the cooker then releasing any remaining pressure manually through quick release – allowing steam and heat to escape slowly so as not to burn yourself! Finally, fluff up your cooked rice with a fork before serving warm alongside other dishes such as curry or kabobs – perfect comfort food every time!

How Do You Use the Rice Feature on an Instant Pot?

Using the rice feature on an Instant Pot is a fast and easy way to make perfect, fluffy white or brown rice. First, pour in one cup of raw long-grain white or brown rice with two cups of liquid. This can be water, broth, or any other flavorful liquid you’d like to add.

Next close the lid and turn the knob to seal position. Press “Rice” button and set it for 12 minutes (for white) or 22 minutes (for brown). When done cooking allow pressure release naturally for 10 minutes then carefully move steam valve to venting position until all pressure has been released from pot (this should take about 1 minute).

Finally open the lid away from your face and stir cooked rice with a fork before serving. Making perfectly cooked grains in an Instant Pot has never been easier!

How Long Does It Take to Cook Rice in an Instant Pot?

Cooking rice in an Instant Pot can be a great time-saver! Depending on the type of rice, it takes just 3 to 12 minutes for your Instant Pot to cook perfect fluffy rice. For white long grain and basmati rices, pre-soak the grains for 10 minutes before cooking them in the pot with 1 cup of water per 1 cup of uncooked rice.

Brown rices take about 22 minutes to cook, but you don’t need to pre-soak them. Wild and jasmine rices require more liquid than other types – use 2 cups of water per each cup of dry grains — they should be cooked within 6 minutes after coming up to pressure. To check if your meal is done correctly, wait 5 minutes after releasing pressure and open the lid carefully; if needed, let it sit covered until steam dissipates or add another minute or two at high pressure. Enjoy your perfectly cooked deliciousness!

Instant Pot Khichu/Papdi No Loat/Spiced Steamed Rice Flour recipe


Making papdi no lot in an Instant Pot is a great way to enjoy this delicious dish with minimal effort. With just a few simple ingredients, you can make a flavorful and hearty meal that the whole family will love. The Instant Pot also makes it easy to adjust the cooking time and pressure so that you get perfect results every time.

Whether you’re looking for something quick and easy or want to impress your guests, papdi no lot is sure to be a hit!

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