How To Make An Old Rv Look New

How to Make an Old RV Look New

If you own an older RV, you know that over time, it can start to lose its luster and show signs of wear and tear. But fear not! With a little bit of time, effort, and creativity, you can transform your old RV into a refreshed and rejuvenated vehicle that feels brand new. In this article, we will outline some tips and tricks to help you make your old RV look new again.

1. Deep Clean and Declutter

The first step in making your old RV look new is to give it a deep clean. Start by removing all the items that you no longer need or use. Decluttering will not only create more space but also give your RV a more organized and fresh feel. Once you’ve decluttered, thoroughly clean every nook and cranny of your RV. This includes vacuuming, scrubbing the floors, washing the walls, cleaning the windows, and wiping down all surfaces. Don’t forget to clean the exterior as well – a clean and shiny exterior can do wonders for the overall appearance of your RV.

2. Update the Interior

One of the most effective ways to make your old RV look new is by updating the interior. Start by replacing any outdated or damaged furniture, such as couches, chairs, and beds. Opt for furniture with a modern design that fits the style and size of your RV. Additionally, consider giving your walls a fresh coat of paint or installing new wallpaper to breathe new life into the space. Updating the hardware, such as doorknobs, faucets, and light fixtures, can also make a significant difference in the overall aesthetics of your RV.

3. Upgrade the Flooring

If your RV has worn-out or outdated flooring, consider upgrading it to give your RV a fresh and modern look. There are various options available, such as vinyl planks, laminate, or even carpet tiles. Choose a flooring option that is durable, easy to clean, and matches the overall style of your RV. Don’t forget to lay down rugs or mats in high traffic areas for added comfort and protection.

4. Enhance the Lighting

Lighting plays a crucial role in setting the mood and ambiance of any space, including an RV. Consider replacing outdated light fixtures with modern and energy-efficient options. Install LED bulbs throughout your RV to brighten up the space and make it feel more inviting. Additionally, consider adding task lighting in areas such as the kitchen or workspace for increased functionality.

5. Add Some Decorative Touches

The final step in making your old RV look new is to add some decorative touches. Consider adding throw pillows, blankets, and curtains to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Hang artwork or decorative wall decals to add personality and style to your RV. Incorporate plants or floral arrangements to bring a touch of nature indoors. Don’t forget to add some storage solutions to keep your newly organized RV clutter-free and functional.

Frequently Asked Questions Of How To Make An Old Rv Look New

How Can I Restore The Exterior Look Of My Old Rv?

To restore the exterior look of your old RV, thoroughly clean and wax the surface, repair any damages, and consider repainting or applying decals for a fresh appearance.

What Are Some Cost-effective Ways To Update The Interior Of My Old Rv?

You can update the interior of your old RV by repainting the walls, replacing outdated fabrics and upholstery, adding new flooring, installing modern fixtures, and utilizing creative storage solutions.

Are There Any Diy Techniques To Modernize The Kitchen In An Old Rv?

Yes, you can modernize the kitchen in your old RV by replacing old appliances with energy-efficient models, installing new countertops and backsplashes, updating the cabinet hardware, and adding clever storage options.

How Can I Make My Old Rv’s Bathroom Feel More Luxurious?

To make your old RV’s bathroom feel more luxurious, upgrade the fixtures such as the sink, showerhead, and toilet, replace outdated flooring and countertops, add decorative elements like mirrors and lighting, and ensure proper ventilation.

What Are Some Tips For Enhancing The Comfort And Functionality Of My Old Rv?

To enhance the comfort and functionality of your old RV, consider upgrading the mattress and seating, improving insulation and weatherproofing, optimizing storage space, adding smart technology features, and maintaining regular maintenance and repairs.


Transforming an old RV into a like-new vehicle doesn’t have to be a daunting task. By following the tips outlined in this article, you can give your old RV a fresh and rejuvenated feel. Remember to deep clean and declutter, update the interior, upgrade the flooring, enhance the lighting, and add decorative touches to make your old RV look new and inviting. Happy renovating!

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