Can I Run My Rv Generator While Driving

Can I Run My RV Generator While Driving?

Many RV owners often wonder if it is safe and permissible to run their RV generator while driving. The answer to this question depends on several factors and understanding the guidelines is crucial to ensure a smooth and enjoyable journey.

Why Would You Want to Run Your RV Generator While Driving?

Running an RV generator while driving can be beneficial in various situations. Some of the reasons why you might consider running your RV generator include:

  • Powering the air conditioning system to keep the interior cool during hot summer days.
  • Using electrical appliances like the refrigerator or microwave while on the road.
  • Charging electronic devices such as smartphones, laptops, or tablets.
  • Operating medical equipment that requires a steady power source.

Understanding the Guidelines

Before deciding to run your RV generator while driving, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the guidelines provided by the manufacturer and the relevant laws in your area. Here are a few important points to consider:

1. Rv Generator Type

Not all RV generators are designed to be run while the vehicle is in motion. Some generators are explicitly designed as “on-board generators” that are safe to operate while driving, while others require the RV to be stationary.

2. Manufacturer Recommendations

Consult your RV’s owner’s manual or contact the manufacturer to determine if running the generator while driving is allowed. Following the manufacturer’s recommendations is crucial to avoid any potential risks or damage to your RV.

3. Local Regulations

Check the laws and regulations in your area pertaining to running a generator while driving. Some states or provinces may have restrictions or requirements that you need to follow to ensure compliance.

4. Safety Considerations

Ensure your RV’s generator is installed correctly and safely. Make sure the exhaust system is properly vented to prevent carbon monoxide buildup inside the vehicle. Regular maintenance and inspection of the generator are essential to identify and address any potential issues.

Benefits of Running Your RV Generator While Driving

If it is allowed and safe to run your RV generator while driving, there are several benefits you can enjoy:

  1. Comfort: Keeping the air conditioning system running during long drives can make your journey more comfortable, especially in hot weather.
  2. Convenience: Running your RV generator enables you to use electrical appliances and charge your devices without worrying about draining the battery.
  3. Flexibility: Having a generator running while on the road allows you to boondock or camp in remote locations where access to electricity may be limited.
  4. Reliability: If you rely on medical equipment, running the generator ensures a continuous power supply, giving you peace of mind throughout your journey.

Potential Drawbacks

While running your RV generator while driving can be advantageous, there are a few potential drawbacks to consider:

  • Fuel Consumption: Running the generator while driving increases fuel consumption, potentially affecting your budget during long trips.
  • Noise: Generators can be noisy, which may not be ideal for those seeking a peaceful and quiet driving experience.
  • Maintenance: Running the generator for long periods may require more frequent maintenance and servicing to ensure optimal performance.

Frequently Asked Questions For Can I Run My Rv Generator While Driving

Can I Run My Rv Generator While Driving?

Yes, you can run your RV generator while driving, but there are some important factors to consider.


Whether you can run your RV generator while driving depends on various factors such as the generator type, manufacturer’s recommendations, and local regulations. It is essential to understand and comply with these guidelines to ensure a safe and enjoyable journey.

If running your RV generator while driving is allowed and safe, it offers several benefits such as increased comfort, convenience, flexibility, and reliability. However, potential drawbacks like increased fuel consumption, noise, and maintenance should also be considered.

Always prioritize safety, follow the guidelines provided by your RV manufacturer, and consult local regulations before running your RV generator while on the road.

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