Auto Start Stop Not Working Jeep Cherokee

The Auto Start/Stop feature on a Jeep Cherokee may stop working due to various issues such as a faulty battery or sensor. Common causes include depleted battery health, temperature extremes, or a malfunctioning start/stop system component.

The Auto Start/Stop system in the Jeep Cherokee is designed to reduce fuel consumption and emissions by shutting off the engine when the vehicle comes to a complete stop and restarting it as you lift your foot off the brake pedal.

This technology, while efficient, can sometimes encounter functional problems. Owners may experience the feature not working as expected, often without clear indication as to why. Diagnosing the problem accurately requires checking several components including the vehicle’s battery, the state of various sensors, and software conditions, to ensure all meet the criteria for the system to operate correctly.

Understanding the mechanics behind this feature can help Jeep Cherokee owners address issues appropriately, maintaining the vehicle’s performance and eco-friendly advantages.

Troubleshooting Auto Start Stop In Jeep Cherokee

Recognizing the signs that the Auto Start Stop feature isn’t operating properly is essential for Jeep Cherokee owners. A key indicator is if the engine does not shut off when the vehicle is stationary. It’s crucial to also observe whether the ‘A’ icon on the dashboard remains illuminated or if an error message appears.

Assessing the battery’s health is a critical step. The Auto Start Stop system relies heavily on a strong and fully charged battery. If the battery is weak or old, the system may fail to engage. Utilize a multimeter to check the voltage levels and ensure they meet the required standards for optimal operation.

Inspecting the brake pedal switch is another important procedure. The functionality of the Auto Start Stop system is dependent on the signal from the brake pedal switch. If the switch is faulty or not properly adjusted, it can prevent the system from activating.

Lastly, reviewing the transmission shift position, the system only engages when the transmission is in the correct state. Ensure that the transmission is in the ‘Drive’ position and that there are no errors preventing the system from determining the right gear position.

Understanding The Auto Start Stop System

The Auto Start Stop system seamlessly controls the engine to reduce idle times, thereby enhancing fuel efficiency. Once the vehicle comes to a complete stop, the system temporarily shuts off the engine and promptly restarts it when the accelerator is pressed. This technology ensures that fuel is not wasted during prolonged stops, like at traffic lights or in congested traffic.

Key components integral to the system’s function include a powerful battery, an enhanced starter motor, and intelligent software within the vehicle’s onboard computer. These elements work in tandem to monitor vehicle status and control the engine’s operation effectively. Ultimately, this innovative system substantially contributes to improved fuel economy by cutting down unnecessary fuel consumption during idle periods.

Reduced Idle TimeLess fuel wastage during stops
Enhanced Fuel EconomyMore miles per gallon
Decreased EmissionsLower environmental impact

Common Causes For Malfunction

Electrical system issues can often be at the root of the Auto Start Stop not functioning properly in a Jeep Cherokee. Issues can arise from faulty electrical connections, dead batteries, or corroded wires and terminals. A robust electrical system is critical for the Start-Stop system to operate, as it relies heavily on the vehicle’s battery and electrical components.

Malfunctioning sensors or switches are crucial components that could impede the Start-Stop system. Sensors detect vehicle conditions to safely engage the Start-Stop function, and if these are not working correctly, the system may fail to activate. Likewise, a defective brake pedal switch or a faulty neutral safety switch could prevent the system from working.

Occasionally, the Auto Start Stop issues can be attributed to software glitches affecting performance. The vehicle’s computer system may require updates or resets to restore proper function to the Start-Stop mechanism. Keeping the software updated is necessary for the system’s reliability.

Auto Start Stop Not Working Jeep Cherokee: Finding Solutions

Experiencing difficulties with the auto start stop function in your Jeep Cherokee can be puzzling. A simple reset of the auto start stop system might resolve the issue. This involves ensuring the car is in park mode, turning the ignition off, and then starting the vehicle again. Occasionally, multiple start cycles may be necessary for the reset to take effect.

Keeping your Jeep Cherokee’s software up-to-date is critical. New software updates can address various glitches, including those that affect the auto start stop feature. It’s advisable to check with your dealership for the latest updates and have them do the installation, as this often requires professional tools and knowledge.

If the situation persists, it’s time to consult with a professional mechanic. Certain issues, such as a weak battery, malfunctioning sensors, or deeper electrical problems, need an expert’s diagnosis. Trained mechanics can conduct thorough inspections and advise on the best course of action to ensure the reliability and safety of your vehicle’s auto start stop functionality.

Diagnosing The Issue

Diagnosing the Auto Start Stop functionality in the Jeep Cherokee begins with a step-by-step diagnostic approach. Owners must ensure they check the battery health, as a weak battery might not meet the system’s threshold. Inspecting the electrical connections related to the Auto Start Stop system is crucial; this includes checking for loose wires or damage.

Having the right tools for self-diagnosis is integral. A multimeter can be used to test battery voltage, while a diagnostic scanner can aid in reading any error codes from the onboard diagnostics (OBD-II). These error codes are essential as they can point directly to the issue causing the system’s malfunction, thereby simplifying the troubleshooting process.

Diagnostic StepTool NeededImportance
Check battery healthMultimeterIdentify if power meets system requirements
Inspect electrical connectionsVisual InspectionEnsure no loose wires or damage
Read error codesDiagnostic ScannerPinpoint specific malfunction causes

Fixing Electrical And Battery Problems

Diligent battery maintenance is crucial for ensuring the Auto Start Stop function operates effectively in a Jeep Cherokee. Begin by regularly checking your battery’s charge level and cleaning the terminals to prevent corrosion. Utilize a multimeter to assess the voltage and confirm if the battery needs a charge or possibly a replacement.

Alternator issues can significantly impact the Auto Start Stop feature. Make certain the alternator is delivering adequate charge to the battery. An easy inspection can involve observing the brightness of the headlights or the dashboard battery indicator while the engine is running. Should concerns arise, a professional assessment might be necessary.

Consistently examine wiring and electrical connections to avoid disruptions in the Auto Start Stop system. Loose or corroded connections can result in intermittent functionality or complete failure. Securing connections and applying dielectric grease may enhance conductivity and shield against the elements.

Preventive Measures And Maintenance Tips

To ensure the Auto Start Stop feature operates smoothly on a Jeep Cherokee, adhering to the regular maintenance schedule advised by the manufacturer is crucial. Some useful tips include:

  • Ensuring oil changes occur at recommended intervals
  • Checking the battery’s condition, as a weak battery can disrupt Auto Start Stop functionality
  • Maintaining proper levels of engine coolant to prevent overheating that might prevent the feature from working
  • Regularly inspecting the starter system for signs of wear and tear

Adopting certain lifestyle practices can minimize issues with Auto Start Stop:

  • Avoiding short trips where the engine doesn’t reach optimal operating conditions
  • Minimizing use of in-car electrical devices that could strain the battery
  • Maintaining steady driving habits for the system to adapt better

Making these adjustments not only improves the likelihood of the Auto Start Stop working properly but also enhances overall vehicle health.

Understanding Manufacturer Guidelines

Jeep’s official recommendations for the auto start-stop system emphasize adherence to the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule to ensure optimal performance. Regular inspections by authorized dealers are critical to maintain functionality of the system. The guidelines specifically highlight that proper care and usage are mandatory for the system’s longevity.

Driving habits significantly impact the start-stop system’s durability. Frequent short trips, aggressive acceleration, and ignoring service intervals can lead to premature wear. Adherence to advised driving practices is crucial for maintaining system health and avoiding unexpected malfunctions.

Warranty ComponentCoverage Period
Start-Stop SystemLimited Warranty, subject to manufacturer’s terms
Associated RepairsMay vary based on dealership and repair nature

Warranty coverage for the system repairs may differ depending on the vehicle’s age and mileage. It’s important to consult the vehicle’s warranty documentation and discuss with a certified Jeep dealer to understand the specifics of the system’s warranty coverage and any potential implications.

Impact Of Aftermarket Modifications

Many Jeep Cherokee owners may experience issues where the Auto Start-Stop technology fails to work properly due to aftermarket modifications. It’s critical to recognize how certain accessories and non-OEM parts can negatively impact this feature. Compatible parts play a pivotal role, as they ensure that the vehicle’s intricate systems communicate effectively without any interference or malfunctions.

Electrical system modifications, especially those not authorized by the manufacturer, pose significant risks. They can lead to inconsistencies in the vehicle’s power management and might even cause damage to the Auto Start-Stop system’s functionality.

Such alterations could potentially invalidate warranties or lead to costly repairs. Owners should approach modifications with caution and always seek professional advice to maintain the optimal operation of their Jeep Cherokee’s features.

Frequently Asked Questions For Auto Start Stop Not Working Jeep Cherokee

Why Is Jeep Cherokee’s Auto Start-stop Not Working?

The Jeep Cherokee’s auto start-stop feature may not work for several reasons. Common issues include a weak battery, extreme temperatures, or a malfunctioning sensor. Regular maintenance checks can often identify and resolve these problems.

Can A Bad Battery Cause Auto Start-stop Failure?

Yes, a bad battery can cause the auto start-stop system to fail. The system requires a strong battery to function properly. If the battery is weak or near the end of its life, the feature may not activate.

How To Reset Jeep Cherokee Auto Start-stop?

Resetting the auto start-stop feature in a Jeep Cherokee typically involves turning off the engine and restarting the vehicle. However, for a persistent issue, a visit to a certified mechanic or dealership may be necessary for a proper diagnostic and reset.

What Triggers Auto Start-stop In Jeep Cherokee?

The Jeep Cherokee’s auto start-stop system engages when the vehicle is stationary, in an idle state, and certain conditions are met. Factors like battery charge, cabin temperature, and engine temperature all influence its activation.


Troubleshooting your Jeep Cherokee’s auto start-stop feature can often resolve its malfunctions. Regular maintenance and keen attention to your vehicle’s behavior are essential. Should issues persist, professional advice is invaluable. Keep your journeys smooth by ensuring this smart technology works as intended.

Safe travels and happy motoring!

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