Are Thomas Skid Steers Any Good

Yes, Thomas skid steers are very good. They are well-built machines with a strong frame and powerful engines that can handle tough jobs in the toughest conditions.

The design of these machines allows them to maneuver easily in tight spaces while still providing plenty of power for heavy lifting tasks.

Additionally, they offer great visibility from the operator’s seat so you can see what is going on at all times. Their intuitive controls make them easy to operate and maintain, making them ideal for both experienced operators and novice users alike.

With their reliable performance, long service life, and excellent customer support, it’s no wonder why many people choose Thomas skid steers when it comes to tackling their projects needs.

Thomas skid steers are highly praised for their outstanding performance and reliability. They offer superior maneuverability, with the ability to turn in tight spaces as well as a powerful engine that can handle any job.

With a variety of attachments available, they are suitable for many different tasks such as grading, tilling, landscaping and material handling.

Their durability is also top-notch; making them perfect for jobsite use over extended periods of time without major maintenance or repair needs.

Whether you’re working on large construction sites or simply need something to get around your yard, Thomas skid steers are an excellent choice.

Is Thomas Skid Steer Still in Business

Yes, Thomas Skid Steer is still in business today. Founded in 1969, the company has grown from a small family-run operation into one of the world’s leading manufacturers of skid steer loaders and compact construction equipment.

Their products are sold to customers in North America, Europe, Australia and other parts of the world.

Thomas Skid Steer also offers a wide range of genuine replacement parts for their machines as well as expert service technicians who can help you with any issues you may have with your machinery.

Where to Buy Thomas Skid Steer Parts

If you’re in need of Thomas Skid Steer parts, you can find them online at reliable retailers such as eBay and Amazon. There are also a number of third-party suppliers that specialize in providing quality replacement parts for the Thomas line of skid steers.

Before making your purchase, however, it’s important to make sure that the part is compatible with your model and year of machine.

Additionally, be sure to compare prices between different vendors to get the best deal possible on your purchase.

Thomas 133 Skid Steer Specs

The Thomas 133 Skid Steer is a rugged and reliable machine with impressive specs. It has a rated operating capacity of 1,400 lbs., an engine output of 36.5 hp, and a hydraulic system that provides up to 17.2 gpm at 3,000 psi.

This skid steer also features advanced traction control for superior maneuverability on any terrain as well as quick-attach capability for easy attachment changes and maintenance access points conveniently located around the cab make it easy to service the unit in no time.

Thomas Skid Steer Models

Thomas skid steer models provide operators with a reliable, powerful machine for completing various tasks. Their line of skid steers includes the TS Series, which offers machines ranging from 17 to over 100 horsepower and lift capacities up to 5,000 lbs.

Thomas’s lineup also features the TK Series designed for high-performance applications such as demolition work and grading projects.

All Thomas Skid Steer models are equipped with intuitive controls and attachments that make them easy to use in any environment.

Thomas 153 Skid Steer Specs

The Thomas 153 Skid Steer is a reliable and powerful piece of equipment designed for the toughest jobs. It has a 24 horsepower Kubota diesel engine, an operating capacity of 1,600 lbs., and top travel speed of 7.2 mph.

With its large 72” bucket size, it can easily handle any job you throw at it. The 153 also features hydrostatic transmission for smooth operation and easy maneuverability in tight spaces.

All in all, the Thomas 153 Skid Steer is an impressive machine that will help you get your work done quickly and efficiently.

Who Made Thomas Skid Steers?

Thomas skid steers were invented in 1965 by the late Everett E. Thomas, an engineer and inventor from Wisconsin who had a passion for creating innovative agricultural machines. In the 1950s, he designed and built his first prototype skid steer loader which was essentially a small tractor with two independent wheels that could be driven independently of one another.

This revolutionary design allowed for increased maneuverability in tight spaces as well as greater traction on uneven terrain than traditional wheeled tractors of the time period.

Thomas continued to refine the design over the years until it became what is now known as a modern-day skid steer loader, complete with its iconic orange color scheme, making it instantly recognizable on job sites around the world.

The legacy of Everett E. Thomas lives on today through this incredibly useful machine that has been utilized in countless industries throughout its history including construction, landscaping, farming and many more!

What is the Most Reliable Skid Steer?

When it comes to finding the most reliable skid steer, you want one that is durable and has a low cost of ownership.

The Cat® Skid Steer Loaders offer just that with their reliable engines and transmissions, as well as an innovative design that makes them easy to maintain.

They are also known for their superior performance in challenging terrain and have industry-leading capabilities like digging deep trenches, lifting large loads, or navigating tight spaces.

Additionally, these machines come equipped with advanced safety features such as cab enclosures to protect operators from debris while working at maximum efficiency.

And when it comes to parts availability and serviceability, nothing beats Cat’s commitment to providing the best customer experience. So if you’re looking for a reliable skid steer loader that will take your productivity up a few notches without breaking the bank – look no further than Cat Skid Steer Loaders!

Who Owns Thomas Skid Steer?

Thomas Skid Steer is a company that has been manufacturing skid steers since the early 1960s. Originally established in North Dakota, the company now operates out of its corporate headquarters in Texas.

Thomas Skid Steer Equipment is owned by Kubota Tractor Corporation, one of the world’s leading suppliers of farm equipment and construction machinery.

In addition to skid steers, Thomas also produces excavators, loaders, backhoes and other machines for use on farms and construction sites around the world.

The company’s products are known for their durability and reliability, making them a popular choice among farmers and contractors alike.

With Kubota’s backing behind it, Thomas Skid Steer continues to develop new technologies that make their machines even more efficient and effective at tackling any job they come across.

Can You Get Parts for Thomas Skid Steer?

Yes, you can get parts for your Thomas skid steer. The company has been manufacturing skid steers since the 1960s and continues to manufacture parts that are designed specifically for their machines.

You can find replacement parts for all models of Thomas skid steer on their website or in many hardware stores across the country.

Many online retailers also carry a wide variety of spare parts as well as accessories such as buckets, forks, and other attachments.

Additionally, there is an extensive network of authorized dealers throughout the United States who specialize in providing genuine OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) replacement parts and accessories to keep your Thomas Skid Steer running smoothly year-round.

With thousands of available replacements and accessories from air filters to belts, blades, hydraulic hoses, axles – whatever you need – finding the right part couldn’t be easier!


In conclusion, Thomas skid steers are a great choice for those looking for a reliable and powerful machine.

They offer excellent performance with minimal maintenance requirements, making them an ideal option for any construction or landscaping project. With their wide range of sizes and models, anyone can find the perfect fit in terms of power and size to suit their needs.

If you’re looking for top-notch quality and performance at an affordable price point, then consider investing in a Thomas skid steer today!

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