2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Auto Start Stop Not Working

If your 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee auto start-stop feature is not working, it may be due to a faulty battery, a malfunctioning sensor, or a software issue. Troubleshooting and seeking professional assistance can help identify and resolve the problem.

When your vehicle’s auto start-stop system is not functioning, it can be frustrating and inconvenient. The auto start-stop feature is designed to improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions by automatically shutting off the engine when the vehicle comes to a stop, and restarting it when the brake is released.

If you are experiencing issues with this system in your 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee, there are several potential causes to consider. By understanding these common issues and their solutions, you can effectively address the problem and get your auto start-stop feature back in working order.

Troubleshooting 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Start Stop

When the auto start-stop feature in a 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee stops working, it can be frustrating. One common reason for this issue is battery voltage. If the battery voltage is low, the system may not engage.

Another factor to consider is the ambient temperature. Extreme hot or cold conditions can impact the feature’s operation.

Additionally, issues with the brake system or sensors can also cause problems. Before seeking professional help, it’s recommended to perform some initial checks.

For instance, ensuring the brake pedal is fully depressed and the steering wheel isn’t turned too far can help resolve minor issues. If problems persist, consulting a dealership or authorized service center for expert assistance is advisable.

Diagnosing Auto Start Stop Malfunctions

If you are experiencing issues with the auto start-stop feature of your 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee, it is crucial to identify any error messages and warnings that may appear on the dashboard. This can offer important clues about the malfunction.

Additionally, using onboard diagnostic tools can help pinpoint the exact cause of the problem, allowing for a more efficient and accurate diagnosis. However, if the issue persists, it may be necessary to seek professional assistance to ensure the problem is resolved comprehensively.

Key Factors Affecting Auto Start Stop

When considering why the auto start-stop feature in your 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee may not be functioning as expected, several key factors come into play.

Battery health and maintenance: The functionality of the auto start-stop system is heavily reliant on the health and maintenance of the vehicle’s battery. A weak or deteriorating battery can adversely affect the system’s performance.

Electrical system intricacies: The auto start-stop system is intricately tied to the vehicle’s electrical system. Any issues within this system, including faulty wiring or components, can impede the proper operation of the auto start-stop feature.

Environmental and sensor considerations: Environmental factors, such as extreme temperatures, can impact the auto start-stop system. Additionally, sensor malfunctions can prevent the system from engaging as intended.

Step-by-step Guide To Fix Auto Start Stop

If you are experiencing issues with the Auto Start-Stop feature in your 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee, there are a few troubleshooting steps you can take to resolve the problem.

To begin, you can try resetting the Auto Start-Stop system by following the manufacturer’s guidelines for your specific vehicle.

It’s also important to check the Auto Start-Stop switch and relays to ensure they are functioning properly. Additionally, make sure that your vehicle’s software and firmware are up to date, as outdated software can sometimes cause this feature to malfunction.

By following these steps, you can work towards resolving the Auto Start-Stop issue and getting it back to optimal functionality.

Preventive Measures And Best Practices

Regular vehicle maintenance schedule: It is important to adhere to the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule for the 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee in order to ensure optimal functionality of the auto start-stop system. This includes regular oil changes, air filter replacements, and battery checks.

Tips for preserving Auto Start-Stop functionality: Avoiding extended idling periods and maintaining a healthy battery are crucial for preserving the auto start-stop functionality. It is recommended to drive the vehicle regularly to keep the battery charged and in good condition.

Monitoring system performance during use: Regularly monitor the system performance during vehicle operation. If you notice any irregularities or malfunctions with the auto start-stop system, it is advisable to have it inspected and serviced by a qualified mechanic to prevent further issues.

Addressing Specific Concerns With Start Stop

Drivers may encounter 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee auto start-stop not working intermittently. This can be attributed to various factors including low battery charge, insufficient engine temperature, or electrical issues.

Solutions for when Auto Start Stop won’t engage may involve ensuring the battery is adequately charged, maintaining the engine at optimal temperature, and checking for any electrical malfunctions. If Auto Start-Stop failure is persistent, thorough troubleshooting is imperative.

This may encompass diagnosing and rectifying potential battery or sensor issues, and ensuring that the latest software updates have been installed.

By addressing these specific concerns, drivers can effectively manage issues related to Auto Start-Stop functionality in the 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Expert Insights On Start Stop Technology

Many 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee owners have reported issues with the Auto Start-Stop feature not working as intended.

This potential design flaw has led to concerns about the functionality and reliability of the system. While there have been no official recalls from Jeep regarding this specific problem, it’s essential for owners to stay informed about any updates or developments from the manufacturer.

Gathering feedback from other owners who have experienced similar issues can provide valuable insights and potential solutions.

The future of Auto Start-Stop technology in Jeep vehicles will likely involve continuous improvements and enhancements to ensure optimal performance and customer satisfaction.

FAQ For 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Auto Start Stop Not Working

What Causes Auto Start Stop Not Working?

A faulty battery or sensor issues can cause the auto start-stop feature to malfunction. Additionally, problems with the alternator or wiring can also lead to this issue. Regular maintenance and timely inspections can help identify and resolve these issues.

How Do I Fix My Jeep Auto Start Stop?

To fix your Jeep auto start stop issue, try checking the battery condition and connections. Consult your vehicle’s manual or contact a certified mechanic for assistance. Regular maintenance and inspection can also help ensure proper functioning.

What Does An A With A Circle Around It And An Exclamation Mark Mean On A Jeep?

The A with a circle around it and an exclamation mark on a Jeep indicates that the tire pressure is low. It’s a warning light to check and adjust the tire pressure. Properly inflated tires help ensure safe driving and better fuel efficiency.

Why Is My Jeep Saying Start Stop Not Ready?

The “start stop not ready” message on your Jeep may indicate a problem with the battery or electrical system. Consider having a professional mechanic diagnose and repair the issue to ensure your vehicle’s optimal performance. Regular maintenance can help prevent these issues from occurring.


Addressing the issue of the 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Auto Start Stop not working is crucial for a smooth driving experience. By understanding the common reasons behind this problem and taking proactive measures, drivers can effectively troubleshoot and resolve the issue.

Regular maintenance and professional assistance can ensure optimal performance and enhance the overall driving experience.

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