2017 Vw Passat Touch Screen Not Working

2017 VW Passat Touch Screen Not Working

If you own a 2017 VW Passat, you may have experienced issues with the touch screen not working properly. This can be frustrating, especially if you rely on the touch screen for various functions such as navigation, audio controls, and more. In this article, we will explore some of the common reasons why the touch screen may not be functioning as expected and provide potential solutions to help you resolve the issue.

Potential Causes of Touch Screen Malfunction

There are several potential reasons why the touch screen in your 2017 VW Passat may not be working as it should. Some of the common causes include:

  • Software glitches
  • Physical damage to the screen
  • Electrical issues
  • Calibration problems

Identifying the specific cause of the problem is the first step in finding an appropriate solution.

Troubleshooting and Solutions

Depending on the underlying cause of the touch screen issue, there are several troubleshooting steps and potential solutions you can try.

1. Restart The Infotainment System

Often, a simple system restart can resolve minor software glitches that may be causing the touch screen to malfunction. To do this, you can try the following steps:

  1. Turn off the engine and remove the key from the ignition.
  2. Wait for a few minutes, then restart the vehicle.
  3. If the touch screen does not respond, you can perform a manual reset by pressing and holding the power button or seeking assistance from a professional.

2. Check For Physical Damage

Inspect the touch screen for any physical damage, such as cracks or visible signs of impact. If physical damage is present, it may be necessary to have the screen repaired or replaced by a qualified technician.

3. Ensure Proper Calibration

Calibration issues can also lead to touch screen problems. Check the settings menu on your infotainment system for any calibration options and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for recalibrating the touch screen.

4. Software Updates

Keeping the infotainment system’s software up to date is essential for optimal performance. Check for any available updates for the system and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installation.

5. Consult A Professional

If the above steps do not resolve the touch screen issue, it may be best to seek assistance from a professional automotive technician or the VW dealership. They have the expertise and tools to diagnose and address more complex electrical or technical issues that may be causing the problem.

Preventing Future Issues

Once you have resolved the touch screen problem, there are steps you can take to prevent similar issues in the future. These include:

  • Regularly updating the infotainment system’s software
  • Avoiding exposure to extreme temperatures or direct sunlight
  • Using a screen protector to minimize the risk of physical damage

By following these preventive measures, you can help maintain the optimal functionality of the touch screen in your 2017 VW Passat.

Frequently Asked Questions On 2017 Vw Passat Touch Screen Not Working

Why Is The 2017 Vw Passat Touch Screen Not Working?

The 2017 VW Passat touch screen may not work due to software glitches or loose connections.

How Can I Troubleshoot The Touch Screen Issue?

Start by restarting the car’s system, checking for software updates, and ensuring the touch screen connections are secure.

What Are Common Causes Of Touch Screen Malfunctions?

Common causes include software bugs, physical damage, electrical issues, and loose connections.

Can I Fix The Touch Screen Issue At Home?

Simple troubleshooting like restarting the system and checking connections can often resolve the issue.

When Should I Seek Professional Help For The Touch Screen Problem?

If simple troubleshooting doesn’t resolve the issue, it’s best to seek professional assistance from a VW technician.


Dealing with a non-responsive touch screen in your 2017 VW Passat can be frustrating, but by following the troubleshooting steps and potential solutions outlined in this article, you can work towards resolving the issue. Whether it’s a simple software glitch or a more complex electrical issue, there are measures you can take to address the problem and prevent similar issues in the future. If all else fails, don’t hesitate to seek professional assistance to ensure the proper functioning of your vehicle’s touch screen.

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