2016 Gmc Acadia Stabilitrak Problems

GMC Acadia has been known to have Stabilitrak problems with the 2016 model year. The most common issue is that the system will suddenly activate for no apparent reason, causing a sudden jerk of the steering wheel and possibly a loss of power. Other issues include dashboard warning lights illuminating due to an ABS module failure or a “service stabilitrak” message appearing on the display.

Owners have also reported hearing grinding noises, feeling vibrations in their vehicle, and experiencing jerky acceleration when applying pressure to the accelerator pedal. To fix these issues, owners may need to replace various components such as modules, sensors and wiring harnesses. In some cases it could be necessary to reprogram certain systems using special software from GM dealerships or other sources.

The 2016 GMC Acadia has been known to have some issues with its StabiliTrak system, which is designed to help keep the vehicle stabilized and on its intended course. Drivers of this model year have reported issues such as sudden loss of power steering, stalling at low speeds, and a feeling that the car is drifting when accelerating or braking.

To address these concerns, GMC has issued several technical service bulletins (TSBs) recommending software updates and other repairs to fix these StabiliTrak problems.

It’s important for owners of this vehicle to make sure they stay updated on any TSBs released by the manufacturer in order to ensure their safety while driving.

What Does Service Stabilitrak Mean on a Gmc Acadia?

StabiliTrak is an advanced feature found on the GMC Acadia that helps to enhance its stability and traction while driving. It works by using sensors to monitor the vehicle’s speed, steering angle, yaw rate and lateral acceleration.

When it detects a loss of traction or when the driver oversteers or understeers, StabiliTrak will apply brakes individually to specific wheels and reduce engine power as needed in order to help keep the vehicle going straight down the road.

This system also helps with cornering control by reducing wheel spin during hard turns. The result is improved handling performance which can mean greater safety for you and your passengers when driving on wet roads or in other hazardous conditions.

By providing increased stability, StabiliTrak can give drivers extra confidence behind the wheel which ultimately leads to better overall driving experience – no matter what type of terrain you may encounter!

What Causes Stabilitrak to Malfunction?

StabiliTrak is a system designed to improve vehicle stability and control by applying brakes to individual wheels, reducing engine power, and adjusting the suspension. However, like any other electronic component in a car, this system can become faulty over time or due to certain conditions.

Common causes of StabiliTrak malfunctions include an accumulation of dirt on sensors that are used by the system; worn-out parts such as brakes or tires; low battery power due to cold weather; improper wheel alignment; electrical faults caused by damaged wires and connectors; or failing hardware components within the StabiliTrak module itself.

If your vehicle is experiencing a StabiliTrak malfunction it’s important you have it inspected immediately so that any issues can be identified and repaired before they cause further damage or endanger yourself and others on the road.

What Does It Mean When It Says Service Stabilitrak?

StabiliTrak is a system that helps drivers stay in control of their vehicle when cornering, accelerating or braking hard. It does this by automatically applying brakes to one or more wheels and reducing engine power to help the driver maintain directional stability. This technology can also detect if a tire has lost traction on wet roads, icy roads, gravel or sand and will adjust the brake pressure accordingly.

The StabiliTrak system was first introduced by General Motors in 1997 and has since become standard on many passenger vehicles from various manufacturers. By providing an extra layer of security for drivers, StabiliTrak has been credited with helping reduce fatalities due to loss of control accidents.

What Causes Service Stabilitrak Light to Come On?

The service StabiliTrak light is a warning system that appears on the dashboard of your vehicle if there is an issue with its electronic stability control (ESC) system. This system helps to keep your car stable and in control when you find yourself driving on slippery or uneven roads, so it’s important to pay attention to this indicator.

There are several common causes for the service StabiliTrak light coming on, including faulty wheel speed sensors, low brake fluid levels, electrical problems with the ESC module, or a malfunctioning throttle position sensor.

If any of these components fail or become damaged due to wear and tear over time then it could cause errors that set off the service StabiliTrak warning light. It’s always best practice to take your car into a certified mechanic as soon as possible if you notice this indicator lit up because it can be dangerous not only for you but also other drivers around you if your vehicle isn’t functioning properly.

Gmc Acadia Stabilitrak Recall

In 2018, GMC issued a recall for the Acadia model due to an issue with the Stabilitrak system. The recall was put in place to address an issue with the software that could cause a loss of stability control and traction control on vehicles produced between 2016-2018. If these functions were lost, it could increase the risk of a crash occurring.

Customers affected by this recall will be contacted by their local GMC dealership who can arrange to have their vehicle serviced free of charge.

Gmc Acadia Stabilitrak Sensor

The GMC Acadia StabiliTrak Sensor is an important feature that helps maintain vehicle stability and control during cornering, acceleration or sudden braking. This sensor monitors the amount of tire grip on each wheel and sends signals to the engine’s computer so that it can adjust power delivery as needed for improved traction and handling.

It also helps to provide a smooth ride by detecting road conditions such as bumps, potholes, and slippery surfaces in order to optimize the use of brakes and steering angles.

2015 Gmc Acadia Service Stabilitrak And Traction Control

The GMC Acadia released in 2015 is equipped with a Service Stabilitrak and Traction Control system. This advanced technology helps to keep the driver safe by assisting in maintaining vehicle stability and helping to prevent wheel slip during acceleration.

It also offers enhanced traction control for improved handling on slippery roads, making it an ideal choice for drivers looking for a reliable SUV that can handle tough terrain.

2012 Gmc Acadia Stabilitrak Problems

The 2012 GMC Acadia has been known to have some issues with its StabiliTrak system, which can cause sudden and unexpected loss of vehicle control. This is caused by a software glitch that prevents the stability control from recognizing certain inputs from the driver.

In some cases, this may cause the car to suddenly turn or begin skidding without warning, posing a serious safety hazard for drivers and passengers alike.

If you own a 2012 GMC Acadia, be sure to check in with your dealer regularly for any updates on this issue and take extra care when driving your vehicle until it can be fixed.


In conclusion, it is clear that the 2016 GMC Acadia’s Stabilitrak system can be unreliable and cause a variety of problems for drivers. Although some of the problems are relatively minor, such as reduced traction control or poor cornering stability, other issues like brake failure or steering loss can be dangerous and lead to serious accidents. It is important for owners of this vehicle to recognize these potential risks so they can take necessary steps to ensure their safety on the road.

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